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The Naked Truth of Why Female Nipples Scare People

I feared being naked from a very young age. At the year of 3, I was already making scenes because my parents didn’t take my swimsuit at the beach. Was a born with this fear? Of how people would judge my body and make a decision of what’s right and wrong with it in their opinion? It seems before the age of three, along the way I became ashamed of my naked body. I honestly can’t remember what could have happened, but nakedness in my family wasn’t something that would happen like at all. I just don’t remember that kind of vulnerability in my closer family. What is the naked truth and why female nipples scare people?

Since then I have heard, seen & done all kinds of opinions and practises of a naked body.

I’ve mentioned before that I even posed for a drawing class at my university. Models were posing for me naked & I have witnessed naked bodies in other situations like shared bathrooms & nudist beaches.

A friend once said male and female nipples are different because the female ones are a sex mark. It seems to me that if we see it from that angle, the male would also be considered one. More so, the brests themselves are more different looking between the male & female in our species, but social media doesn’t censor breasts, just nippels. This argument becomes empty very quickly.

From Worship to Fear

Far away in our ancestors’ time, here on the Balkans, we used to build statues and engrave pictures of naked women on pottery caves. Some tribes in the world still keep their tradition exposing their bodies to others on a daily basis. Now instead of celebrating the beauty of the human body, we find new words to whip it with words:

“Your type of boobs & nipples don’t look good without a bra”

This was a very interesting thing someone once said. I was quite perplexed by this statement & thought about it for months. Are there certain nipples and breasts that look good without a bra & others that don’t? What are the criteria for this and who decides that?  What if I don’t like bras at all & they make me feel trapped should I wear them just to cover myself, so people don’t insult me?” 

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Yo, fuck bras.

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“Put a bra, because your nipples are distracting me

Did he mean this as a compliment? Certainly, I didn’t take it for such. It felt my freedom was slipping away from me for a moment. Feeling sexualized is one of the most negative emotions I have ever experienced. Even animals have their periods & places of mating and know when the right moment is. The rest of the time, while still being naked every day everyone minds their business.

“Is it trendy to pose naked?”

The answer to this question is: It is a trend. This trend, however, is not because people are trying to be modern, quite the opposite. Both women & men are liberating themselves in front of a camera because they reached a deep acceptance of their body. These people share their bodies because it wouldn’t matter how others perceive them. It serves a mirror. When you encounter a naked body, you can learn about yourself. The reaction can be anything from attraction to hate, but this reaction is only inside of the others. 

What does the law say about it?

Investigating a bit deeper, officially the female nipples are not sexual organs, their purpose is considered to be for breastfeeding, therefore and women should be free to appear topless in public spaces. The law in different countries completely vary. In the US, alone some states have very specific laws about it, while others are ambiguous.


Posing naked is a choice and the same goes for negative language when we are exposed to it. Calling someone “fat, skinny, ugly” or anything else of that sort is not going to help anyone in any way and it will definitely not help the people who have taken the courage to step out of what’s socially accepted. It’s important to find compassion for all humans, including ourselves and not insult any bodies, not ours or anyone else’s.

Back to the original question

Why Female Nipples Scare People.

There are many answers. In a time where 7 billion people exist simultaneously, we can’t generalize all of their reasons into a singular one. But some patterns are becoming more and more clear to me over the course of my time spent as a woman:

Humans fear female empowerment.

The female empowerment movement has been ongoing for ages. We have been fighting for our rights to study, to vote, to work & to be free and equal to men. Some still live in the past when society punished women for practising their freedom of expression. Now, they are forming sisterhoods all around the world because women discovered they were taught to hate each other, instead of support each other.

Some consider female nipples offensive

To begin to describe that problem, I think we must dive into the psychology of being offended. I have looked into that and ultimately it is a choice to get offended by anything that someone says no matter how twisted it is. So some people subconsciously choose to be offended by female nudity. My perspective on the matter is that these people don’t feel good inside their own skin.

So why female nipples scare people? If you think of any other answers to this question or have anything to share, feel free to write it in the comments!

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