Nocktern: Dark Water

NOCKTERN: Drowning into Dark Water

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Culture events are on a pause & galleries are closed, but talented people around the world kept on creating magic. Bulgarian musicians are no exception. We are witnessing the release of amazing new tracks. Today’s article will focus on NOCKTERN first music piece for the year “Dark Water”.  Let’s dive into their newly released track and explore together the meanings woven behind it.

NOCKTERN Becomes a Duo

In early 2020, NOCKTERN announced that the project is now a duo consisting of Stoimen Stoyanov (Them Frequencies) and Boris Malevanov (heptagram). As a result, the musicians have been working on new music in the past months. Seems like they changed the overall sound we were familiar with until now.

NOCKTERN becomes duo

First single for 2020 is here and it is called “Dark Water”

Just a week ago NOCKTERN released their first single for the year and it is called “Dark Water”. In these 4 minutes, it becomes clear that the musicians are headed in a new direction. We can’t wait to see what will follow next! The visuals for the project were created through a collaboration with Vladislav Lepoev. You might recognize him as ramble.rattle on Instagram. His style has been provoking conversations both online & on the streets of Sofia.

Dark Water combines different genres and approaches.

The song merges electronics, alternative and experimental styles. Тhe sound of the song is reminiscent of artists such as Lorn, Rival Consoles and Squarepusher. What’s new and atypical for the track is the lyrics, written by Stoimen, as well as his vocal motifs. The intersection of electronic and acoustic drums played by Boris add additional density to the track.


The Metaphor behind NOCKTERN’S Dark Water

Drowning in the “Dark Water” is a metaphor for taking advantage of others’ empathy and losing your own in the process. Seems like when your main purpose is to survive by any means you choose to act, influenced by poisoned motives, and your humanity evaporates.


Does it sound familiar?


In 2020, we had to press the pause button and look around. We had to see what effect we have on the world both individually & as a species. Consumerism, fast-paced lifestyles, love on a subscription plan. People who are taking advantage of others, and losing the human, the meaningful, the real part of themselves.


Perhaps that’s what we needed to get back to true humanity. An omen that we were lost and drowned into the “Dark Water”.


The track is gaining international popularity and people from over 30 countries worldwide played it just for the past week. 


NOCKTERN (Stoimen Stoyanov) is a Bulgarian artist making music since 2006 in different genres like contemporary classic, electronica, trip-hop, nu-jazz. During the years he has collaborated in different projects with artists like Ivan Shopov/Balkansky/Cooh, Joana Size, Mytrip, Ivo Chalakov (Gravity Co), Bradata and more. His first EP entitled “No Sugar Added” was released in 2016, and mixes trip-hop, nu-jazz, ambient and neo-classical. NOCKTERN has collaborated with Laurent Pech, Charles Guiro, Ivan Andreev and Hristiyana Ivanova for live versions of the songs. That was the beginning of Nocktern Band, where different artists join the project for live performances of the compositions.

Stoimen Stoyanov

Before NOCKTERN’S Dark Water

Later in 2017, He released a solo piano album of 3 songs called “Pieces of Lyla” which is a triptych of a girl passing through states of excitement, melancholy, and harmony. NOCKTERN has shared a stage with musicians like Kayo Dot, Josef van Wissem, Ivan Shopov & Avigeya, Mytrip, Theodosi Spasov, 2hennings, Dayo and more.  Stoimen is also the frontman of the Bulgarian hardcore band Them Frequencies with which he is touring for the past 7 years. Furthermore, the band has released two albums since 2010

In 2020 the project welcomed a new member – Boris Malevanov (heptagram), who takes his place behind the drums. Stoimen and Boris are currently working on NOCKTERN’s new album.

More about Boris

Boris Malevanov started playing music professionally in 2014 and he is known as one of the main figures in the alternative rock band NU/ANCE. Even more alternative genres have always been a passion for him. Recently he has started to experiment with new techniques, incorporating more electronic and non-standard sounds into his work. Boris had been looking for new partners in crime. Above all artists with whom he can create music that is closer to his own musical taste. In 2018 he started working with Daniel Ivanov from the studio project heptagram. In 2019, the psychedelic/space rock band started to appear on stage with Boris as their drummer. Heptagram is currently working on their new album. 

Boris Malevanov


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NOCKTERN: Drowning into Dark Water
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