Aleks Dragova Lets You Inside of Her Dancing Heart
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Aleks Dragova Lets You Inside Of Her Dancing Heart

A True Inspiration For Those Who Want To Pursue Their Dreams

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Aleksandra Dragova has all eyes locked on her when she starts dancing. She has captured the attention of Bulgarians, Russians and humans from all around the world. Aleks has participated in many dancing competitions leaving judges and audiences alike speechless. She was even a dancer for Dua Lipa’s latest music video. Now we have the amazing opportunity to learn about her story. We also get to keep a little inspiration for ourselves. Aleks Dragova lets you inside her dancing heart. Step carefully.



What is your story? How did you start dancing?

My childhood was really beautiful.

I grew up in a small Bulgarian city with my family. I was an energetic and expressive child, and fortunate enough to live in a city where I could attend dance classes every day of the week and fortunate to be in a family that can afford to support and encourage me. This set the foundations for everything that followed.

Aleks Dragova Childhood

The life in the studio where I was dancing was nothing more but an everyday competition.

 As the opportunities in our town were small the dancers were doing their best to achieve their goals and to have a bright future. Despite all the achievements I’ve had, it was a big fight – rivalry, envy, humiliation, loss. It was hard getting what I was eager for, but this made me stronger. They gave me the most precious lessons. They’ve instilled values in me that will stay with me forever. I appreciate the importance of hard work and dedication, perseverance and discipline, humility and the most important to be true to yourself, to follow your path.

Throughout this whole process, I’ve been always curious to learn new things, to meet new people and to gain new experience.

I’ve been taking different classes worldwide, I’ve been going through a lot of different dance styles as I believe a professional dancer must versatile – Modern dance, Contemporary dance, Classical ballet, Jazz, Ethno, Bollywood, Acro dance, Lyrical, Show dance, Hip hop, Jazz Funk, Vogue, Dancehall, High-heels, Frame-Up. Every single style has been giving me another point of view, another perspective of art and life at all.

I’ve not been confined to one thing and that’s how I’ve built my style which is still changing and developing.

Every single choreographer and teacher inspired me, left marks, lit up the passion for movement. I’ve acquired my greatest experience from people like Dj Smart, Theresa Ruth Howard, Christian Von Howard, Paula Weber, Anthony Middleton, Svetlana Adyrkhaeva, Pedro Dias, Gary Abbott, Marcus Galante, Emma Portner, Andrea Burr, TOKYO, Mario Grosu, Alisha Captain, Javier Ninja, Lee Jung and many more.


Now I am a dancer, choreographer, educator and performance artist who believes dance is an experience – physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual, reaching people by performing Truth, through Movement.

I love experimenting both as a dancer and as a choreographer. I will always be in love with performing, it gives me freedom, power, sharing my story, reaching out to the audience and communicating through my movement. There is something so amazing and exhilarating about it! I really can dig into my voice as an artist and once I committed to it, everything started falling into place. I realized I have a lot of things to share and create.

Even though I’m still learning I’m creating and realizing my projects, my ideas and performances. 

However, the choreography was always coming up behind me. I always say: “I didn’t find choreography, choreography found me.” And even if there is just one person in the audience during my choreography, I will perform, I will give even more energy because if I touch his soul, my work is done. 


A lot of things are inspiring me and my work but one thing that is precious to me, the thing that keeps me and my art alive, is teaching.

I work with people both younger than me and older than me. The experience is so different but no matter of their age I’m trying to make my students feel very comfortable. Because I ask a lot from them, I’m pushing them beyond their limits and encouraging them to experiment, there’s a sense of fear already in my work. Every day is a small victory.



Is it difficult for you to achieve success? What is the key?


First of all, find your passion and what makes you happy. Once you identify what you are passionate about, you should check what skills are needed in pursuing your passion and you should focus on building relevant skills.


Since I was a kid, I’ve never thought of how successful my life would be.

Life has shown me that all of us possess endless potential and the only real limits on what we can do, have, or be are self-imposed. So I believe if I put my whole heart, passion, persistence and patience into something, I will achieve my goals but it’s not about the final result, it’s about the process. I’ve been cultivating myself just as I’d cultivate a garden for the best yield, keeping in mind that trees do not grow and bear fruits overnight. Everything needs time and passion.


What has dancing taught you?


I now realize that dance has been one of the most positive and consistent aspects of my life. I believe art is an extension of who I am. It is created by me, regenerated by me and inspired by my life. So first of all dance taught me to find myself, to be true to myself and to live by the truth of what I believe because there is beauty in being raw in this world full of artificial wants.

I can say that I’m still discovering my voice as an artist, and I’m still experimenting with my process and choreography but I think it’s part of the progress.

Every day is a new learning experience. I’ve learned to ask questions, to be curious, to be aware of my thoughts and feelings as they emerge, to explore them and just to improve myself every day even if I make mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable, nothing is perfect and something so perfect is utterly boring. Trust what goes on inside of you.


What does dancing mean to you?


I believe dance is a universal language that doesn’t need words to share your story, to expose your inner self by filling the space with particles of your soul. It is an inspiration, an endeavour to go beyond your limits to create your reality. 


Can anyone dance?


Of course, dancing as a professional is difficult and not everyone can do it. It takes a lot of time, practice and efforts. It takes the ability to process music, to understand rhythm, and to have a good sense of coordination to be able to do even basic moves.  But dancing is both incredibly complicated and perfectly natural to humans. It is in our blood. Life is dancing. When you hear the music your body wants to move in time with the rhythm. You might not break out into a moonwalk, but almost all people will nod their heads or tap their toes unconsciously with the music. And it is as simple as it sounds just by releasing the energy that’s inside you.

What is your life like outside dancing?

I’m complete chaos. Both in my personal and professional life. I’m shifting from idea to idea, always eager for new knowledge. I’m creative, expressive, energetic and enthusiastic and can’t stay in one place for a minute. I put all my heart and passion for trying new things. As my ideas are always changing I experience mood swings so I always need the perfect soundtrack attached to my life. That’s why I’m an absolute musicophile. I can’t imagine a day without music

And I always keep my personal life private. 


Why is it important to dance even in difficult times like these?


We live in a culture where we often confuse being alone for loneliness, now we can appreciate time by ourselves. Being alone with our thoughts, and giving ourselves space and unstructured time to let our minds wander without social distractions, could help us develop who we are, our sense of self, and what our true interests are.


For me dancing helps me to make sense of the world, of my world, it is a way to share my passion with others and to improve my empathy.

Dancing could help us build our confidence and make it easier for us to get over our limits. So now during these times, our focus should be inward, not outward. So dance, as a way of expressing our inner selves,  processing our inner emotions and building ourselves, becomes more important than at any other time. As a professional dancer and choreographer, I remember that my role is more important now than it was before. 

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What is your message to the Popara readers?


Expand your boundaries. Learn to see beyond the limitations that seem real, and empower yourself to push past those boundaries. Make each day your masterpiece.

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