Ivett Zaycheva's Simple Tips To Feel Content
photo by Eleonora Avramova

Ivett Zaycheva’s Simple Tips To Feel Content

During The Crisis And After That

Ivett Zaycheva has already made an appearance on Popara many times. She has inspired her own small Instagram community to create art, to cook, to be active and just not to waste any valuable time. She agreed to do an interview and gave us some tips on productivity and creativity. Let’s dive into Ivett Zaycheva’s simple tips to feel content with ourselves.


How has your life changed since the crisis?

It hasn’t changed that much except the fact that we are working in very strict conditions right now. But the only thing that actually drives me crazy it the fact that we are not able to travel. We can’t see our families. And that makes me sad.


How do you manage all of this free time?

I don’t manage it. There is always something to do. Either working out, cleaning, laundry, cooking, or artsy stuff like working on The Fox Tales Journals, drawing or editing some photos. But am I able to finish the whole checklist I make for a day, well most of the time I’m not?



Procrastination gets me, too.

The key is to make a list of the important things you need to get done before bed or in the morning, and you can’t postpone it. Yet, there are days I don’t feel like doing anything, and to be honest I just relax.


What are some non-creative activities you focus on?

Oh, that would be Netflix and chill. We are currently binge-watching “How I met your mother”. The other thing is my phone. Sometimes I get so attached to it I lose track on time.  I do clean a lot. Like for example yesterday I thought I should dust off the furniture and wash the rug with the vacuum cleaner and I did. After that, I cooked some pasta for dinner and finished the day with the classic falling asleep on the couch while watching tv. 

What motivates you to be creative?

I really cherish my alone time and that’s the time when the magic happens. Dreaming of better times motivates me, and the memories of all the breathtaking views of the mountains. I try to imagine the sound of the chirping birds over the green fields. All the views out there waiting for us to see them.


How did you discover new things you enjoy doing?

Well, I don’t think I managed to find some new activities to entertain me, but I do think that my current ones are more than enough. Although I managed to find some series on renovating old houses, that’s actually one of my childhood dreams. I have always found it captivating to give new life to something broken, I mean who doesn’t ?!


Some final thoughts?

The only advice I can give you is to investigate. Think of something you always found fascinating, and start learning more about it just like that, by watching some tutorials on Youtube or do make some research on the internet about it.  And finally, try it and see if you enjoy it.


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