Coronavirus Evolve Rapidly
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The Coronavirus Is An Opportunity To Evolve Rapidly

There is no excuse anymore


Have you heard of the Coronavirus? This question is a joke but what comes after is not. Coronavirus is an opportunity to evolve rapidly.

COVID-19 is the latest attack on our health and psyche. Everyone is responding differently and it is very interesting to witness people’s authentic selves. Some are panicking, others are still not taking it too seriously. Some have taken the responsibility to inform, teach or inspire others. We all have a role in life and now it’s gonna be much easier to discover it. 

I guess life has to be threatened for people to raise their consciousness and to work together. As an idealist, this is very controversial to me. I imagine a world where we help each other the whole time, not only during a crisis. But the point now is the crisis is here and we all have the opportunity to shine. Both individually and together.

By definition to evolve means to develop gradually. When the human race as a whole hits a low point like the Coronavirus, it becomes an opening for more rapid growth.

What to do if I am not sick?

This is a huge problem for all of us. I have been struggling all of my life to spend time by myself. But I have also been battling this problem.

One of the key things I have learned is: The answer is not on Social Media.

Right now many people are abusing the Coronavirus hashtags in their desperate attempts to gain fame and popularity. Your attention is a valuable currency that everyone wants to get their hands on. Give it to yourself.


Reflect and Reprogram Yourself

Why the Coronavirus is an Opportunity to evolve rapidly? Think of this as a new beginning of 2020. A redo of the Winter Holidays. A time to see where we can do better. This is a rare opportunity to grow. We need to face who we are and see how we can take that on another level. Go back to your resolutions for this year. Where are you at? Did you learn new things from the beginning of the year until now? I am not talking about skills, I am talking about your own knowledge of yourself. How deep do you know yourself? Do you know why you yell when you are angry? Do you even know why you became angry?

Are you letting others walk over you? Who are you? Who do you want to be?


Connect With Your Family and Friends (Mostly Online)

I have chosen to constantly deepen my relations with the people I love. This hasn’t always benefited me in the best ways. I constantly learn new things and sometimes it becomes difficult to talk to the people who are not obsessed with self-betterment. But I have accepted I have to mind my own business and appreciate the time I have with those people. It’s also two-sided. I try to listen to what they have to say about me, so I can understand myself even better. Don’t try to force change on them (like I do sometimes). Be gentle and kind. Listen to their experience and share yours. Make them feel appreciated and you will be rewarded with the same.


Learn New Skills

You are forced to update yourself right now. Don’t know how to work from home? Better start learning because maybe the Coronavirus is only the first of many. After you have explored your mind and psyche you will see the world differently. You will be more connected with yourself and it’s gonna be easier for you to know what the right skills are for you. Pottery, IT, Photography? Practice and get some courses. “Sharpen your saw”, if you already know your path. You could be even better at what you are doing. Learn how. Also, start cooking. It’s one of the survival skills set everyone should know.


Immerse Yourself in Fiction

Movies, Books and Games are full of incredible stories. Authors spent countless hours writing those stories, probably after going through all I wrote above. My personal library at home has more unread books that I’d like to admit. Currently, I am trying to finish Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. I have also been watching Inuyasha, which is an incredible anime. Westworld also just came out. Take on the journey of fictional characters and you will learn about yourself, too.


Start Creating The World You Want To Live In

If you are still not convinced that the Coronavirus pandemic is a great opportunity to evolve rapidly and you have achieved perfection, think about this: Not everyone is a painter or a writer. But all of us are responsible for the world we live in. Many are finding ways to “exclude themselves from this narrative” and others are too afraid to speak up and take action. We are all in this together. Fix yourself and your home first (or stay perfect). After all of this crazy will pass and the time will come to get out and NOT go back to our old ways. Plan ahead so when it’s safe to be out – you will be ready. Don’t build a better world just for yourself, but for all of us.

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The Coronavirus Is An Opportunity To Evolve Rapidly
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