Pavel Petrov - Exe

Pavel Petrov – EXE

An Invitation to Wake Up, See The Reality and Create It Anew

Today we want to bring to your attention Pavel Petrov’s latest track: EXE.

“Though to be only 30, born in Sofia at the mist of the end of the socialism in Bulgaria, Pavel Petrov was exposed in an environment where all the western culture was just about to blow away the capital and change his perception for music hence. Absorbing all influences his productions quickly started to imprint the latest music styles worldwide. Consequently, he joins the ranks of some of the most demanded labels with his own work and remixes. The larger part of his productions ranked among the Beatport charts for tech and deep house. His music is honoured to get played on a regular basis by the likes of Pan-Pot, Carl Cox, Hot Since 82, Maya Jane Coles, Claptone, M.A.N.D.Y., Joris Voorn, John Degweed and many many more.”


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What about it?

In the last days of 2019 Pavel Petrov released 2020’s hymn as part of the promo videos for the club he co-founded: Exe

Officially, the music is Melodic – Progressive – Techno – Tech – Deep House. I personally interpret it as a journey spiralling inwards and around our surroundings. Generally, I haven’t been keen on these genres of music, but this track is so special that it might just be the one who opens the door to techno for me.

The track explores the depths of Post-Soviet psyche. The message of the whole art piece is meant for the first generation to awaken after a deep repressing slumber. It is an invitation to wake up, or you know to visit the club. The lyrics serve as a mantra. There is an undeniable sense of freedom that the video conveys. Among the ruins of panel blocks, the main character – a young woman sees the big picture.

She says “My origin defines my reality; its meaning, its function; Without the memory of the past there will be no language, no relationships, no identity.”

This statement is quite the opposite of the Western idea that “It doesn’t matter where you come from; It matters where you are going”. Many people from the Balkans found strength in this philosophy and left their country. Pavel Petrov brings a reminder of how powerful owning your origin can be. The track is proof of that. He took his roots and created an incredible art piece based on them.


About EXE the Club

For three years EXE managed to build the most successful new brand organizing electronic music events. Their team transformed over ten exclusive locations in Sofia, invited over 50 worldwide artists, brought a foreign audience and built a loyal fanbase. Their endless striving for growth has led them to the next step: EXE CLUB.

Exe Philosophy

EXE is identity, personality, individuality. An EXE person has character, spirit and mind of their own that fits perfectly to the whole. To beat as a whole as a heart does, to breathe as a whole like lungs do, to work as a whole organism – all this is to be a part of EXE.


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