Back To the Roots With Organic Makeup Artist Mirena Sabeva

Be Conscious Of What You Put On Your Face

I met Mirena a while ago at an organic makeup consultation event. Before that, I wasn’t aware of how important it is to know exactly what you put on your face. Mirena also surprised me when I realized she is younger than me. But don’t let her age fool you, she is one hell of a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit and a great mission. That’s why I decided to ask her some questions. Let’s dive in another interesting conversation together:

Why is make-up important?

Makeup has been part of our everyday life since ancient times. Let’s take an example of the significant eyeliner of Cleopatra BC in Egypt. At first, makeup was not used for people to look aesthetically good, but it was rather valued for its protective and health properties. The eyeliner of Cleopatra is called Kajal and is made of natural oils and black charcoal, which primarily protected her eyes from the wind, sand and the external factors. So I would say makeup has always been important for a reason. 

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Why should someone get organic make-up instead of regular?


The tendency to wear makeup because of its protective and health properties is coming back. The real organic makeup is made of natural oils and plant-based ingredient, that in the first place has amazing skincare features. For example, mineral foundation is amazing for the protection of the skin and has often natural SPF. Oils are very rich in antioxidants which protect the skin from free radicals and they slow down the ageing process. Organic makeup often looks way much better than the regular one. It is more comfortable to wear and the skin looks natural with it. Also, it even has healing benefits, especially if you have any skin issues like acne, prone or sensitive skin. In all cases, it is the best you could do for yourself. 


What do you think of the no make-up challenge?

For me, it’s rather an act of feminism. It is of course perfectly fine, as nowadays we have to wear light or heavy makeup, because of etiquette rules, our job or other occasions, even when we would prefer not to. I think every brave woman has to be able to go out without makeup. It is a matter of self-esteem and confidence, which every woman should have. Makeup is not a mask we hide behind, it is meant to enhance our beauty. 

all photos by @deeper.dimension

Do you see make-up as an art form?

Absolutely! Makeup is an art! That’s why the profession is called a Make-Up Artist. Customers often tell me they feel as if they are a canvas under the hand of an artist. You can paint and express a lot with makeup.  I can give some examples with names like Julia Voron, Lemak, Elena Sanko.

There was even a makeup artist who recreated a paint from Van Gogh on her face.

all photos by @deeper.dimension

Are there any secrets you’d like to share?

I hide my secrets with makeup. I am joking! However, not everyone teaches us that the best makeup look is achieved when we have the best base. So before applying any kind of makeup, you need to hydrate your skin well. You can first put a moisturizer, then a makeup base (yes these are two very different products) and after you are done with the makeup look, you can spray your face with some rose water or toner to fix the makeup and to keep the skin hydrated. 


What about make-up for men?

There are many stereotypes and norms in our minds. Every skin needs care. In this case, I don’t think it would be frustrating if a man has some imperfections that he wants to cover up with a little bit of concealer. It’s no secret that men are generally vain. Also both in the TV and film industry, makeup has always been part of men’s preparation for a tv show or a film. 

You are a young entrepreneurial woman. What are some challenges you meet?

Maybe some challenges that everyone faces. In my case, I am learning at the moment from my own mistakes. I didn’t have that much experience before I started. Most of the challenges are mainly boring administrative tasks as that is how the system is made in Bulgaria. It is created so that everyone would want to give up before they even start. It is very hard for a small business to survive in Bulgaria. Any small mistake can be catastrophic. 

all photos by @deeper.dimension

What is your advice to the people who will read this?

In the first place, wear your personality as confident as you wear your makeup. Be as beautiful as in your mind. Always have a natural glow and sparkle. There is no lipstick in the world that could suit better your lips than your smile.

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