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It’s Time To Let Go Of Our Outdated Paradigms

Leave your victimhood culture, political extremism and apathy in this decade

Change is the only constant. Our brains are evolving at a very rapid pace. Yet we still struggle to define what consciousness really is. Since the invention of the Internet, people have access to a constantly expanding knowledge base accumulated over the history of mankind. We are beginning to understand the true implications of what has been going on with the world, our perception of it and ourselves. With this knowledge, we cannot identify with the insecurities of any culture. Our society is divided between all kinds of topics. Yet if we discuss them rationally and forget the ideologies, we could always find things in common.

If we all placed less value to some of the things which we identify with, maybe life on this planet would be easier. We need to let go of the outdated paradigms that we were conditioned to believe by the media and authority figures, in order to unlock our true potential as individuals. The only way we can achieve a collective revolution is when individuals understand their inner self. Our society is divided because people are paralyzed by fear while our politicians clumsily try to hide their incompetence. Victimhood culture, political extremism, apathy are some of the results of ignorance, and unless we replace our whole system with a more structurally sound one, we cannot reach our potential. A pragmatic approach is desperately needed.


Victimhood culture

Fear of criticism and not taking responsibility has victimized our society.  We are simply inflicting it on ourselves. Blaming others for our shortcomings will not actually help in any way. It only perpetuates more misery in the long run. This is something many people do without even being conscious about it. The solution is through self-realization. This could be extremely difficult for those who base a large part of their identity on their insecurities. Everybody has insecurities, but the point is to acknowledge and grow beyond them.

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Political extremism

People like to belong to groups. Sometimes, however, the need to identify with a particular ideology makes them susceptible to manipulation. Ideologies make us seek patterns based on isolated cases. This is called confirmation bias – when we are actively looking for examples to support what we already believe. This is very dangerous because people become prejudiced towards others without looking at the big picture. Then they gather with others who also share the same views and they elect politicians who supposedly work in their interest. But any politically extreme ideology only aims to further divide society so that the officials have more power. Dividing and conquering is an ancient strategy, but with the availability of the Internet, it may be even easier now.



With more different viewpoints on public display than ever before in recorded history, it might be tempting to just zone out and say: “I don’t care about any of this”.  However, this is not a viable solution. Not caring about what is going on in the world does not make you cool. It just makes you susceptible to outside influence without your awareness. Things around us affect us whether we like it or not. It is best to have an informed and balanced opinion, even when everything seems confusing.


photo by @deeper.dimension


Letting go of our outdated paradigms could be the difference between whether we are going to live in a free world or some kind of dystopia. Now is the time to be more aware of how we are defining ourselves and others in our daily lives. If we don’t do it, we might slip in a false, limited view of the world, which will decrease our overall life satisfaction. The solution is through conscious self-reflection. Nobody could tell you how to live your life better than yourself. Let go of your outdated paradigms. Thus your mind will become free.

photo by @deeper.dimension
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