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Pursuit of Wonder

A YouTube Channel that Reduces Anxiety

Several nights ago I experienced severe anxiety due to spending too much time on Social Media. I tried all of my usual methods to calm down but nothing helped. I somehow remembered the voice behind the YouTube Channel “Pursuit of Wonder”. It is one of the most calming and interesting channels I have ever stumbled upon. My anxiety went away in the first seconds of the video I played. That’s why I decided to make a compilation of “Pursuit of Wonder” videos.


About “Pursuit of Wonder”

as the team presents it

Content that makes you curious, inspired, and feel good in life. Wonder is the feeling of curiosity and/or appreciation inspired by something that is beautiful or unfamiliar. At Pursuit of Wonder, we produce content with the goal to stimulate that feeling. We cover a wide range of topics related to things like social, emotional, and intellectual wellbeing; with a variety of formats including video essays, short stories, inspirational videos, mediations, guided experiences and so much more.


The Begining & End of Humanity

I don’t remember what video I watched first. This is the one that made the first big impression on me.


The Man Who Found The Edge Of The Universe

I loved this video because I resonate with the scientific curiosity of the main character. Sometimes I get depressed that I won’t witness all of the discoveries that people will make in the future. This video makes so much sense to me and it gave me peace of mind.


Dying – A Guided Experience

This is my favourite video so far. The same one that provoked me to write this article. I hope it helps you the way it helped me.

The channel already uploaded more than 100 videos. I haven’t watched them all yet but I have seen enough to want to show it to everyone. I am looking forward to seeing some of their older uploads and what they will come up next. Check them out and let me know if “Pursuit of Wonder” affects you as deeply as it did me.

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