Dear Libra, Thank You for Shifting Our Focus to Nature

@pepsishvepsi lets us inside her world of biology and wonder

Petra Prenz not only has a name worthy of a celebrity but possesses amazing positive energy, too. She and I are Instagram soulmates. I love her feed and I thought I should share her thoughts and ideas with you. So let’s see what a Croatian Biology teacher with a banging Insta feed has to tell us about nature and life.


How did you choose to study Biology and why start teaching?

Since I was little I was so fascinated with plants and animals. Mostly because my parents took us hiking a lot. So I’ve spent most of my childhood in nature, learning about different types of od trees and creatures. When I finished high school the decision to study biology came naturally.

At first, I didn’t want to teach, I had this plan to become a zoologist and to do mostly fieldwork, but the first job I took the day I’ve graduated was a teaching gig. Like a week or two later I’ve completely changed my plan because I fell in love with teaching. So I have kind of a new purpose now, and that is to teach my students to live a happy life connect with nature, to change their lifestyle into more sustainable one and to teach them about the all mighty circle of life, so that they can truly understand how magical and important this planet of ours is.

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Do you feel more connected to nature because of your education?

definitely. The more people understand living organisms the more they understand life itself, and of course, because of that, they are more connected to nature because they understand that they are also nature and that we are all connected. 

I always felt deeply connected to nature but because of my education, I can truly understand that connection.


Why must we focus on protecting nature?

That’s simple. We are nothing without nature, we don’t exist without it. We are nature. But because not many people understand that or they don’t learn about it, they don’t understand that we need to protect all nature in order to protect ourselves, too. And because we ( humans ) with our destructive behaviour made this mess, and destroyed more than half of planet, we are the ones responsible to clean it and to change our bad behaviour towards nature and ourselves.


Do people in Croatia respect the environment?

Some do and some don’t, like anywhere else in the world. But the majority still doesn’t. Either because they don’t know enough about it or they simply don’t care. But overall as a country, our negative impact on pollution is small, because we are a very small country and our population is also small.


Is photography your hobby? What part of the whole puzzle are the photos you make?

Yes, it’s my hobby. Since most of my days, I spend in nature and nature is my biggest inspiration I like to document my time spent there and to show others the simple beauty of things we take for granted. Most of everything I hope it inspires others to be more connected with the environment and to live more sustainably.


Are u a Libra? What does “Dear, Libra” mean?

Haha, I’m a Libra yes. And astrology is also kind of my hobby. Since my mornings usually start with checking my horoscope readings and planet readings on different portals, one day I’ve decided to use a sentence or two from it, that inspired me the most that day or simply reminds me of me and my mood, into my instal captions. And that’s what it means. Sometimes it includes only Libras, mostly all zodiac signs but I Always write dear libra because of it’s my sign.



What is your advice to the people who read this?

I’m gonna quote Pocahontas on this: you can own the Earth and still all you own is earth until you can paint with all the colours of the wind.

In just plain words treat mother nature the same way you treat your mama, with love and respect. 

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