What Inspires Antonia Baramova Behind the Camera?

The importance of exchanging ideas and thoughts

Antonia is a humble sweetheart with whom I share the same birthplace, as well as love for photography. Her approach is classical with pinches of her unique view of the world. I felt like she has important things to say to us, as well as showcase her amazing art. Let’s dive into her visual delights, as well as her heartwarming answers.

Antonia, shot by Ele (@deeper.dimension)

What does photography mean to you?

Right now photography is a chance to get to know myself through my ideas, and lately, those ideas have all been having something to do with shooting portraits. But generally, I think photography is a beautiful game with time. Outsmarting it by “stealing” moments and scenes which will never be repeated. I find something romantic in that.

What/who inspires you to create?

In the very beginning, when I was just starting to shoot, I was drawn to reportage photography and anything that did not contain “directing” or required a special “eye” for the emotion it radiated. It’s not much different now when it comes to my personal preferences, but I seem to have gone into another extreme – I’m currently working on a project with a series of staged portraits specifically, where each of them is going to tell a story. In any case, I’ve always been lured by the presence of people because they trick the photos into breathing and keep them alive. 



Tell us about your dreams.

They are diverse. I would be lying if I say that I have no dreams related to the material world, but above all, I think I dream of abstract things and states of being. I envision the day I am going to sit on the porch of my house, pouring myself a glass in a typical French manner, so to ask myself: “How was it?”, and not be scared that there would be even the slightest chance of thinking too much before replying: “It was good. It was all very good. ” Anyway, until then I have an awful lot of work to do and many other goals to achieve and dreams to pursue. Otherwise, it won’t end up being “Very good”.



This is your tribune. What do you want to say to the world?

This is a very philosophical question. I don’t desire a tribune, even in the context of my shooting. It would be more appropriate to show rather than say. Every photographer dreams of a frame that will carry a message to the whole world, but I cannot be the one to elaborate myself. However, I certainly hope that whatever I do in photography will evoke feelings in people.

Antonia, shot by Ele (@deeper.dimension)

What can we expect from you in the future?


In the near future, I am supposed to finish the series of portraits I mentioned, which I work on in my spare time. This means the series wouldn’t be released too soon, but I do hope that something good will come out of it in the end. 



I know, we share a mission to help people however we can. What motivates you?


I am deeply affected when it comes to people helping each other. Not only in a neighbourly way but professionally, too. There is a strange idea out there, that if you share your experience and knowledge, you are risking someone to steal an opportunity from you. The way I think is the total opposite of that. That’s why I am so grateful that life met me with people who lent a hand and helped me move forward. I have always tried to do the same for others and I believe this is a more meaningful way to grow both as a person and a professional.

The exchange of ideas and thoughts, experience and knowledge is an important engine that makes our planet a better place to live on. It might sound cliche but I strongly believe that the more people share and help others to climb their ladder, the better the world will become.

We need to inspire each other. To help someone feel better or teach them something new, that truly is amazing.

Antonia, shot by Ele (@deeper.dimension)

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