Creating “The Meaning of Duende”

The process and what I learned from it

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Since I was a child I always wanted to direct a film. It was one of those dreams of mine that I thought would never happen or maybe if I have enough income I could sponsor myself. For me, films were always a way to learn about the world and myself and I wanted to share my viewpoint with everyone else, too. I certainly never suspected I would be directing at 25, not even mentioning it would be with a collaboration with a company that has a similar mission to mine: to empower artists by promoting their work.


The Beginning

The way the video came to life was so natural. The original concept was much simpler. I was supposed to invite the camera inside the artist’s studios and interact with their beautiful artwork showcasing them to the viewer. When I entered the first studio though, I was so inspired by the creative process, I thought Be Duende deserves something more. So I decided to invest all of my energy and spirit into communicating what’s behind Be Duende and why it’s mission is important.

Be Duende is an online space which exists to serve as a link between artists and art lovers. It’s a space where you can take something you can decorate yourself or your home, but also bring its story with it. You can learn about the authors, their process and their style of work. It is important for Be Duende to give people access to an artist’s world and to feel the magic of creation. They strive to be more than an ordinary shop, providing the value of buying something meaningful, handmade and unique. These are all the core values I tried to communicate through the video. To show how artists leave a piece of their soul in the work they do. 


What I Learned During the Process

It takes a lot of time.

Creating a video product takes a lot of time, especially when the team producing the video is small. There are so many components that need to be literally created from scratch in order to have a final product. They are divided into three stages: pre-production, production and post-production. The first part is planning, the second phase is shooting and the last one is putting everything together. In short, creating a video means creating a mini-universe. Each step requires attention, work and time. To create a good video and meet the deadlines, planning is key.


Not everything you imagine is within budget

My imagination runs big and wild when I am presented with the responsibility to create. When it comes to video, most of us are spoiled by watching huge productions that cost hundreds of millions. Even some of them are not good. So it’s important to be realistic about what can and can’t happen when making a video. 


Directing Humans is not Easy

I am inexperienced but we were shooting an alternative documentary, so the people who are in the video are real and not professional actors. Directing them to get a good scene was not an easy process but, fortunately, the artists were so kind and even though my requests were a bit unconventional they were happy to participate in the project. I feel lucky and grateful that we captured these people with such strong charisma and of course talent. 


Sound is Key

One of the big creative decisions we made is that there will be no voices and script. Thus music became an essential component of the project. We researched for hours if not days to choose the right tracks. So please when you watch it, play it with sound.

Would I do it again?

I am actually looking forward to learning more video production and opening my career to the possibility of being an occasional director. I already co-directed a second video project and I can’t wait to see what the next one will be. Be Duende’s team took a risk to entrust me with capturing their essence and I did everything in my abilities to do exactly that. Their trust means a great deal to me and I couldn’t ask for a better project to put a start to my directing adventures. 


Without further ado:

Director: Eleonora Avramova

DoP: Branimir Miladinov

Featured Artists:


Nikolay Sardamov

Sophia Dias

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