Roles of Photography in Our Lives

How photography nested itself in every part of our lives

“Pics or it didn’t happen”

A phrase used primarily on online forums stating that the person refuses to believe the thread creator’s claim unless it is shown by a photograph for proof.
Think about it, how many times when you are sharing an actual story with your friends you show photos from an event? Some people don’t even share their stories personally, they just stream them live. It’s amazing how we have become the journalists of our lives with little privacy left to ourselves.
Like every other mass use of a tool, it has been empowering individuals and industries and it has changed the world in both negative and positive ways. I am going to focus on the latter, and maybe mention some downsides here and there.
Photography has existed on Earth for 200 years. It started as a box that produces blurry images and it evolved into the mini super-computers we use now in our DSLRs and smartphones. This great image illustrates a simple version of the amazing history of photography.
Illustration: Vin Ganapathy. © The Spruce, 2018
Illustration: Vin Ganapathy. © The Spruce, 2018

Artistic expression

Although nowadays we use photography in so many ways, the original concept was a form of art. It was born with the creation of camera obscura in the 11th century. Since then it has branched into many forms mixing with other disciplines. The original idea still lives as photography is a popular form of artistic expression. It has made the world a better place by showing both how beautiful and ugly it can be. From fashion to food, portrait to a landscape; from a hobby to professional practice, from fantasy to hyperrealism, we expand our consciousness together by showcasing our art to the world.


Documenting Moments of Our Life

Humans have always struggled with the concept of being forgotten. It is natural that we want to capture our whole lives online and leave a mark on Earth even if it is with what we ate during that lifetime. We spread our energy by capturing ourselves in random moments. Some of us struggle to put our face out there, others don’t hesitate to publish hundreds of selfies monthly. Both ways are forms of self-expression and there is nothing wrong with it. Everyone chooses what to share with the world but also who they should pay attention to. I, for example, follow and unfollow accounts all the time, striving to create a curated feed, that gives some value to my life, instead of mindlessly subscribing to all kinds of content.



Profession: Photography

Sometimes photography is art, sometimes is just practice and technical skill. In the perfect case scenario, photography embodies both. It is amazing that artists are enabled to earn money and fulfil their purpose. Creative skill is one thing that is not going to be replaced by AI anytime soon. All businesses need photos. I used to be discouraged to be behind the camera professionally because everyone seems to be a photographer nowadays. After a while, though I saw errors in this way of thinking and realized it was fear that kept me from pursuing my dreams. The point is, if you feel like photography is your thing, don’t be scared! The demand for photographers is big. The earlier you start, the sooner you will get better.

Photography is capturing light

The list for the use of photography is endless. It’s saving lives in medicine, we document evidence, we present identification with it. Humans are so creative with where they can apply photography. Above all, photography is capturing light and it’s a way of expressing our love for the world. It doesn’t matter if we snap a photo of our cat, food or we help the police discover a criminal.
As cheesy as it sounds, photography is a synonym of love.

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