Between Modelling and Photography

An interview with Magdalena Belić

Every now and then some people are born to be beautiful. Some only on the outside, but others like in this case, strive to be as above so below. Dive deeper into a ginger’s soul and join our conversation.

When did you start modelling?

I’ve been a model since I was seven years old. When I was a teenager I was not doing modelling and I was more focused on school. However, two years ago I started my modelling career again and right now I am on the path of growing as an artist.

What are your dreams and goals?

My dream is to travel the world as a model and a photographer as well. I want to meet as many cultures as possible and understand them deeply. Also, I want to raise awareness of climate change and hopefully make people see that all living beings have their values. One of the main goals as well is to grow as an artist and finding my unique style that others will find inspirational. I have a lot to practice and sacrifice to reach that kind of uniqueness but that is the part of this beautiful path of finding myself

What does modelling mean to you?

Modelling and photography bring me freedom and joy. I am pushing my boundaries and trying to stay out of my comfort zone so the pictures have special meaning and others could see that. Modelling is helping me to understand my body, thoughts and emotions so that I can improve on each level. That is why I will always see the modelling as a beautiful way to live a life

How did you discover your own visual style?

I have always loved bright and warm colours so I created my style towards colours that I enjoy. However, I manage to slightly change my style from time to time, because I think it is important part of growing as an artist and human being as well. I see myself as a vintage person so I’m trying to reflect that on my photos. I am fascinated with elegance and free state of consciousness combined, that is the style I am the most focused on at the moment.

Tell us about your photography.

I’ve always thought that photography is a beautiful way to express aesthetic and emotion, but I never knew that photography would have become my call 2 years ago. For the past few months, I’ve taken this job more serious and I’m trying to find my own style. Right now I’m more into ‘hippy’ kind of photography combined with vintage and elegance as well. Showing a certain kind of emotion is also my passion. Being in front of and behind the camera will always be my way to grow the little artist inside of me.

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