Pathos | Georgi Nikolaev


photos: Yana Todorova
text: Krasimira Krasteva


Complete opposites face each other. They look at each other and see what they want to see: their own reflection in the mirror of their counterpart, aiming for Nirvana.

Complete opposites merging into a single shape, forming one structure. They cannot exist separately, but neither can they exist together. They can only interact here and now and this is their emotional connection. They are most important to each other now and their moment is the present, different every time. Every time a sensation of a warm stream of attraction and repulsion, every time a warm breath of humility and war, every time like the first time and for the first time. Pathos.

Twelve pairs of works living in the space around them, with the space around them, reminding us everything we know has a side to it we don’t know. They see each other but are not in contact. They only observe the world where one extreme cannot exist without the other; a world, full of opposites on the scale of the same category.

You will witness unique encounters “like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed” (Carl Gustav Jung). In all of the twelve encounters, something happens and something is transformed. In the most spontaneous and natural way of differentiation, through the establishment of an emotional bond between them, they paradoxically reach their peak living in connecting. They almost suffocate, then they grow apart. Looking for their balance in their emotional charge, their seeming opposition, attracted to each other, creating their world of One.

Everyone can assign their own symbols to the works of Georgi after all the whole cosmos is a possible symbol. Your symbols will stem from your own momentary emotional state. Just be with you and listen to yourself while observing the interaction between the pairs. Feel a part of the energy of the infinity of nuance dispersed around you.

I can tell you about my symbols when I encountered Georgi’s works, but I won’t. I can tell you about his symbols, but I won’t. I want you to have your own experience and find your own symbols, and I want you to tell me about them. I want you to feel them so that we can spread the energy of the juxtaposed unity.


Georgi Nikolaev is a young artist and this is his third exhibition. PATHOS follows ENTROPY and ATMOSPHERES. For six years he has dedicated himself to watercolour, aiming to achieve symbiosis with water. The experience brought about the conclusion that if you don’t fight the watercolour it can help you a lot. Watercolour teaches him to abandon arrogance and find humility, to be quick and not impose limits on his work.

As a student Georgi combined two opposites: the excellent student always looking for trouble. He won math competitions and today uses math in his works. Loving colours from a very young age, he scribbled and splashed a lot. His favourite kindergarten teacher admits to never noticing his talent, but his family has always been like a compass. His father was the motor behind his creativity, always encouraging him to think freely. Georgi spent a lot of time in his dad’s furniture workshop. This is where he got his earliest memory, which always brings a sensation of warmth and cosiness, the scent of freshly sanded wood. He talks of his parents with respect, gratitude and love. They taught him wisdom, persistence and patience.

Georgi is a searching soul. He talks a lot, but also listens a lot. PATHOS is an autobiographical exhibition. PATHOS is your biography through the life and situations of somebody else. PATHOS is the state I find myself in after meeting Georgi. PATHOS is here and now, the interaction of two extremes of the one.


June 4 2019, 7:30 pm

167 Place

The exhibition will be open for visits until June 15 between 5 pm and 9 pm. Non-working days – Sunday and Monday.

After the Sofia exhibition, PATHOS will travel to the European capital of culture 2019 – Plovdiv, where it will be shown on July 4 in the Arsenal of Art gallery, 4 Magura street.

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