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I was very curious to meet Vanessa in real life. She wasn’t quite what I expected. Her popularity didn’t get into her head and in the beginning, she was even kind of awkward. But her presence was light and gentle like a forest fairy. We enjoyed a walk in Borisova Gradina and Vanessa was fascinated by the squirrels around. I almost thought she is going to start chasing them. When she warmed up we had a really insightful conversation and now it’s your turn to get to know her:

What are your purpose and mission? And how did you discover them?

My purpose is trying to live an authentic life: finding my own passion (whatever that might be in the current moment) and then following through. What I wish for others is the same, because that, I believe, is the cure for all human suffering and every form of destruction (of our bodies, psyche and even our planet) that comes, because of it. If you enjoy every second of what you do, if you’re flexible, if you understand the need for variety, if you overcome your fears and past traumas, you’ll be more authentic, thus healthy, productive and fulfilled. And no truly happy person is capable of causing harm.

What is your definition of Astrology? Can you prove it?

Astrology, for me, is like a language that a person can learn to speak, write and read. It’s tough in the beginning, but once you know the basics, it becomes limitless and thoroughly enjoyable to work with. It opens up a whole new world and the absolute best part is – it makes you understand yourself and others better. It teaches you how to appreciate differences and evolve beyond your own polarity. As for proving it, I don’t really feel the need to do that, though it’s really easy. One example that comes to my mind instantly is “rectification”. The astrologer can find out your exact time of birth (by the minute), through a couple of questions. You can then check in with your mom, or your birth registry and see that it matches perfectly. Astrology is as real as math is, who needs proof for gravity, c’mon?

How did you get into zodiac signs in the first place?

I don’t quite remember, but I think it might’ve come from my grandma (who’s also a Pisces, like me). She was reading the horoscope religiously, daily, and talked about astrology a lot. Years later I found out that what the media shows us was not even remotely close to actual astrology, and that got me even more interested. I, myself, was sceptical until I started to dive deep. That was the moment when the treasures started to emerge.

Are psychology and astrology connected? How?

In many ways, astrological and psychological archetypes are not only connected but are actually the same. They’re just a different perspective but are observing the same behaviour. Both work amazingly combined, because psychology has the practical steps, whereas astrology shows you the underlying grid, the root where you need to start. I’ve had a lot of clients tell me that what I’ve told them in half an hour of looking at their natal chart is what their psychologists found out after two or three months of weekly consultations. That’s why it’s highly beneficial to work with both modalities, it gives better results, that much quicker.

Is it difficult to be an openly gay/bi woman in a post-soviet country like Bulgaria?

Not at all, especially when I’ve never felt it was wrong in any way. Usually, victims of bullying are subconsciously bullying themselves about how wrong their behaviour is, even if consciously they feel “normal”. That angers people, because they don’t want to be responsible for other people’s actions, but they are. If it’s me and you in this, it’s me and you who are responsible for what happens with me and you. Nothing in social interactions is a one-way street. I’m not only queer, but I’m also polyamorous, and none of those things made me feel uneasy about who I am and what I stand for. I stand for love in its purest form. And people have been understanding, supportive and even curious to know more, as a natural response to my inner certainty.

What does the future hold for you? Do you have a plan?


I have plans for at least a dozen lifetimes. (Un)fortunately. As of now, I take it step by step and the upcoming project is the release of my Pisces book (the little fish that lives in all of us, not just in solar Piscean creatures) which will, hopefully, happen by the end of this year. I have a lot more on my mind, but time will reveal all the gems that just need a little more polishing and refining before they meet the world.

If you could give one advice to all the people in the world what would it be?

 Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and don’t be too scared or lazy to take control. We’re all in this together. This is not a Me world, it’s an Us world.

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We are the Y generation and we are totally lost in the search for THE meaning in that whole process of finding ourselves. Often, we are not able to answer the question “What do I want from life?” but maybe we are asking the wrong question. What if we ask  “What do we want to give to life?”. Of course, most of us are not fond of the idea to be accountants. Fortunately, Bulgaria needs all kinds of professionalists. That is why I am interviewing the people, who took out of the ordinary path. People, who probably can’t state with certainty that they “found” themselves, but it seems that they are on the right track, devoting themselves to their alternative ambition.

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