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Sofia Botanical Garden – a Green Paradise for Artists



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Young people are all about being close to nature. We have had our fair share of protests against the government to protect various natural sights. Sometimes we are successful, other times our effort is just not enough. So naturally, we are drawn to green spaces. Sofia has several human-made parks to offer, as well as many natural sights like Vitosha mountain that is just outside the skirts of the city. Yet, nothing seems to get the attention of millennials as the University Botanical Garden of Sofia (UBGS). Hundreds of photos are taken there. Some of them even part of professional photo shoots.

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Where Science Meets Art

UBSG serves a scientific purpose – to provide information about the flora and preserve rare and endangered plant species. Although some people see it as a tiny greenhouse, it contains more than 1500 species including palms, orchids, roses, clematises and more. That’s just a little bit over the plant diversity of the entire Vitosha mountain (1489). It’s no surprise artists find a piece of mind there. I went there on a Sunday and most of the time there were no other visitors, so it’s actually a really good spot for meditation.

Where did it come from?

It’s quite ironic that the same government that destroys much of Bulgaria’s nature owns the Botanical garden. But that’s because this green paradise comes from simpler times. In a way, it’s actually a capsule of time, because it was founded in 1892 by the first Bulgarian professor of Botanics, Stefan Georgiev. This means the place is 127 years old. The first plant is an oak tree, still standing tall there with a golden coin in its roots. It can be seen from every viewpoint in the garden. Talking about magic, here!

Urban Jungle in the heart of the city

To immerse yourself in the green dimension, you just gotta visit the city centre. It’s amidst another very popular tourist destinations – The Foreign Art Gallery, The Alexander Nevski Cathedral, The National Library. It’s another experience to switch from the busy and dusty Vasil Levski Boulevard to the hot-aired, full of wet soil and plants aromas Botanical Garden. The entrance is through a small plant shop, which makes the experience even more mysterious and special.

Inspires local and international Artists alike:

Bulgarian visual culture is growing every day and I am so happy that the beautiful and somewhat older charm of the city is finding a fresh interest due to newly emerged artists. Mix that with the increasing number of foreigners and you got yourself a buzzy trendy modern location in the heart of post-soviet Sofia. It’s amazing.


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