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On a Date with The Gentlemen

Fresh, upbeat and polite, I sense The Gentlemen are going to make the soundtrack of summer 2019 in Bulgaria! And how could they not? Ladies baffle their heads with who the most attractive one is, and all of them deliver by being extra talented and kind.


all photo copyrights belong to Johana Trayanova

Who are they?

Kolio Mlyakoto (The Milk), who some of you may know from Revolution Z, is an actor and director with a dream to have his own band. Fortunately for us, he made his dream come true by gathering the five members of The Gentlemen. He became the main vocalist of the band.

all photo copyrights belong to Johana Trayanova

Ivo is a business guy, but in his heart, he is the bass guitar player of The Gentlemen. He is the latest member of the band, who joined them just last summer.

all photo copyrights belong to Johana Trayanova

You may have met Dino on the theatre stage or leading Free Sofia Tour, and now yet again he is surrounded by a lot of people watching, listening to and applauding him as the piano player for The Gentlemen.


all photo copyrights belong to Johana Trayanova



The most mature player of the band is the drummer Dido. He likes to spend his free time in his auto parts shop. Some might say he is a classic example of a gentleman who likes to get his hands dirty.

all photo copyrights belong to Johana Trayanova


We are not finished yet, Stelio’s responsibilities are the back-vocals and the guitar. A true multi-tasker.

all photo copyrights belong to Johana Trayanova

What they are all about

Their mission is to teach men to be gentle and humble. They are not like modern hooligans who are loud and cocky. The Gentlemen respect the ladies and are thankful for their presence in the audience. That doesn’t mean men are not invited to their shows. Just the opposite, but they have to act like gentlemen, too.  The five lovers of freedom also want to have fun on the stage, avoiding serious drama.


Let’s hear them!

The band has been around for two years, but the best is yet to come. The Gentlemen find inspiration in the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and just good old music. They write their songs together. Analogue, black and white visuals are their favourite type of aesthetics. They have one video for their single Parshutka:



I learned about them from their official photographer Johana Trayanova, who I’ve mentioned before. All copyrights to the photos belong to her. She also invited me to hear The Gentlemen in Friday Bar. When I arrived there I couldn’t recognize the place. Gone were the drunks, the grinding, the personal space invaders. These guys transformed the bar. Many people just went there for a drink but left remembering The Gentlemen, after dancing their feet off.


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