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Successful Bulgarian Fashion Brands You Need To Follow

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Bulgaria is full of surprises. We have such a polar reputation in the world’s eyes. People see the country as either pure perfection and a hidden gem or a living hell on Earth. However, I am starting to notice a trend of a positive change from businesses in many sectors, and today I am going to shed some light on what I think are the best Bulgarian fashion brands. Some of them have made a name for themselves locally, some of them concentrated their effort on the markets abroad and only a lucky few know about their success. Celebrities wear them, Vogue and BBC featured them and they are simply candy for the eye. Let’s dive into some aesthetics then:


Sassa BjÖrg

I am starting with Sassa Björg not because it’s the most popular brand locally or because it was featured on BBC travel. I am putting this brand in the beginning because even though they have 43k likes on Facebook, even though I am not a regular customer, I have received the most positive feedback from the founder Mila – through her company Instagram. To be successful is difficult enough but to do it while you still have your feet firmly on the ground and try to empower other people is admirable. So, I am launching this article with a brand that is all about femininity, being beautiful and genuine. I would even say they have a pinch of accepting your weird. Do you feel the nice vibe?



What do the mother of Elon Musk, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sofia Richie have in common? They all wear the Bulgarian brand Bogdar. The clothes they make are for strong independent women with confidence. The business is run by a couple, which proves to be a working formula because they were featured on various fashion magazines including Vogue and Marie Claire. I love the minimalism and the boldness of the design. Can’t wait to acquire some of their items in my wardrobe.

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We can't get enough of this suit. How about you? #bogdar

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By Far

Another Vogue-approved brand. This time we are talking about high-quality designer shoes! Personally, I  hate wearing shoes, I like to be barefooted. Don’t even ask me about socks. But these shoes, these shoes are the ones I’d like to put on a shelf and have a whole collection of them just because they are so beautiful. Literally, these shoes are BY FAR better looking than anything I’ve seen.  156k people on Instagram think so, too.

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SOFIA White ✨ on @shop_amomento

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What are your favourite fashion brands? Are some of them Bulgarian? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up with a dm on Instagram!

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