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Best 6 Feminist Songs

Globally, women are being empowered but unfortunately, the outlook is not as positive in Bulgaria. Politically, we declined the Istanbul Convention and internally we decline the change that the whole world is embracing – acknowledging all genders are equal. Every day, I meet people (not men) that disrespect women in all different kinds of ways. So today I made up a list of my favourite songs that I listen to when in need of inspiration and strength while encountering sexism, disrespect and lack of empathy. I decided to celebrate with music my values, instead of filling myself with hate for the uneducated humans who just don’t know better. Here is my list, enjoy:


1. Beyonce – 6 inch Heels

There is no way I am not starting this list with Beyonce. Unfortunately, she hasn’t uploaded the original video yet. But of course she has tons of other videos, so someone put together a fan video that will do the job. I chose this song among others like “Flawless” and “Run The World”, because of the quality of the music, the darker vibe of the sound and because of the line “she makes money everywhere she goes”. It’s not that money should be an end to itself but I truly admire women who are financially independent.


2. Jessie J – Do it like a Dude

It’s been 8-9 years since this song was released and it still relevant. You’d think that nobody is grabbing their crotch publically anymore, but it happens. Some “dudes” truly want to make a statement about their manhood. Well, women can be nasty, too. I never thought I will ever say this but I love the aggression of the video. Don’t get me wrong. There are amazing men out there, who are respectful and kind. But this song is for the other kind.


3. Kimbra – Top of the world

Kimbra is so close to my heart.  This is the first time I hear a woman say she is on top of the world. But I think it’s not going to be the last.


4. Janelle Monáe – PYNK

Does this video make you a bit uncomfortable? I think it should. I think it means to show imagery never shown before. To take you out of your comfort zone and stay there, because I don’t know about you but I keep watching this video over and over again and makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. (yes the choice of words was intentional)


5. The internet – come over

This made my list not because it has feminist references but because it’s a triumph of the freedom of the 21st century. The Internet makes insanely good music and that wouldn’t have been possible if SYD (the lead vocalist) isn’t the type of woman that people accept. There is no right way to be a woman. So that’s that.



6. Ariana Grande – god is a woman

I didn’t like Ariana Grande before, but this song won me over. It’s so soft and powerful at the same time. She doesn’t have to be aggressive or swaggy to make her point. It’s also the perfect song to end this list with.


Before you go

Check out this project that promotes awareness for domestic violence. It can happen everywhere and you can prevent it. The website has a Bulgarian and English Version.



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