Tinder in Sofia Part 2

Tinder in Sofia is read 1541 times. Organically, no sponsored ads or anything. Maybe it doesn’t seem that much but for a blog that had just started, it is a huge number. I have postponed this article for so long because I was afraid to confess my quick judgement. So many people read it, and it’s time I shared what happened after my experiment. I haven’t changed my opinion of the app, but I have to give you the whole story so you can judge for yourself.

“On day 3 I admitted to two people that I am spying on them and these were the people who I connected to on Facebook and LinkedIn. They accepted me for what I am – a tourist in their Tinder country with no intentions of adopting their culture. And we had some pretty interesting conversations, hopefully, more to come. About work, projects, art and university. One was an entrepreneur in Bali and one was from my university.”

I met with both of those purely for career purposes. Both of them were smitten by me. I think because I was genuinely not interested in a love affair with anyone at that time I seemed like the most interesting person on the planet for all the people on Tinder. I was invited to Bali, but of course, that never happened. I also was invited to play in a short movie and that didn’t happen either.

So the story goes like this. I went out with a couchsurfer and the Bali guy and we went to A:part:mental. It was pretty cool we talked about Bulgaria, I got emotional because the guy was being a hater. Just a typical night for me at that time. He really wanted to see me again. He wanted to take me on a bike and ride throughout Sofia. I almost agreed to that.

The other boy was from my university, studying Cinema and TV. I thought that was insanely cool. He wanted me to cast for a role in a short movie. I invited him home. I made fish, mashed potatoes and salad. I love cooking and I take it seriously. It’s not every day that I do a full course dinner, but it happens several times a month. He was lucky. I was living with one of my best flatmates Mary. She was here on an Erasmus program. We had dinner and everything we talked about was in English. His English was really good and I was actually impressed but he didn’t talk a lot.

The script of the movie was terrible and I refused to play the role. He slept in the living room because it was too late for public transportation and I was used to having strangers in my living room because of Couchsurfing.

I thought that was the end of it. But then the Bali person asked me out again. I told him I don’t feel like going to the centre (I live 30-40 minutes away from it). So he came to my neighbourhood and I insisted on paying the bill. I got a call in the middle of our early dinner. It was the other one! I was so surprised when he asked me to go to the National theatre with him to watch Hamlet. Damn, I paid the bill, took the first bus to downtown and watched Hamlet with a guy from Tinder. That was a date.

It’s been more than two years since then and I haven’t heard from the Bali guy ever since. The other one is called Branimir and we are still together. We go to Ivan Vazov every year. He is the reason I started taking what I do seriously and gave me the confidence to put myself out there. We work together. We have two cats now. He takes me on his bike and people stare at us like we are crazy.

This is the full story of my Tinder experiment and although I don’t like to admit it, sometimes it works.



  1. Nice, honest story. Tinder has much better members in Eastern Europe than ik Western Europe. It is one of the better connection sites! i am in it with my full and original name. But honesty shocks most people and it is a perfect way to eliminate the ones with lesser good intentions. Meetic was even much better but stopped in Bulgaria. +je

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