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When it comes to aesthetics, my standard is pretty high. Worldwide Instagram is full of various interesting content by artists who embraced their own identity. Here in Bulgaria we are just getting starting to visually evolve. 

That’s not the case with Ivett and Borislav. Separately they are a stunning model and a talented photographer, together they are Bound to Nature. They are constantly getting better at what they do. The results are for the rest of us to enjoy. This is easily my favourite interview so far. Let’s find out what why:

How and when did you meet?

Long story short. It all started 7 years ago. My best friend back then and Bobby’s best friend were actually a couple. So one day they decided to set something like a date for the four of us, that’s basically how Bobby and I met. A couple of months passed by and we meet each other again on a trip. There was not enough  space for the four of us so we had to share a bed ( the most awkward situation EVER ) so we fall asleep and in the morning I woke up and we were holding each other’s hands (like wtf how the hell this happened – the second awkward situation) but yeah that is how we fell in love I guess.


How was Bound to Nature created? Where did the idea come from?

Bound to Nature was created in 2014. I wanted to create a page where I could share my photographs, but I didn’t want it to be the basic “someone’s name photography”, I wanted to give it a meaning and also realized that nature made me feel in a certain way and urged to share that feeling, so after a while I came up with that name, which I made sure was not taken and not used as a brand somewhere.

My biggest inspirations were Mother Nature and of course my beautiful Ivett.So somewhere between shooting nature macros and landscapes and portraits of her we kind of started mixing them up .We still get fascinated how a subject can complement, enhance and complete a beautiful background of a forest for example.We both are dendrophiles by the way.

After a few years of shooting nature related photography, travelling and exploring beautiful places, we wanted to expand what was once just a gallery. And because we were obsessed (and still are) with so-called adventurous accessories and the whole vibe around vintage, travel, journey equipment, Ivett came up with an idea to use her DIY/craft skills and create travel journals and she had a thing for product photography so the whole thing fitted perfectly so we adopted that also.


What is the goal of Bound to Nature?

Our main goal, for now, is making Bound to Nature a brand, with its own website, creating an easier way for people to interact with us, also we plan to raise awareness of plastic waste and air pollution. A blog teaching useful habits and plastic-free life is something really exciting for me.

Starting selling prints on natural canvas for example with a little reminder for people to start appreciating what we have and what we need to take care of, because our nature can exist without us, but we can’t  without her. People should be able to visit the place on that picture instead of saying “ah, It has looked like a great place to visit,it’s pity that it’s ruined now.

Ivett is a quite talented artist, fingers crossed you are going to be able to enjoy lot’s of her art pieces and crafts very soon.


What are your ambitions separately?

Ivett – I’ve always wanted to live another life, maybe because I had a very painful childhood or because I get bored very easily – I don’t know, maybe I just don’t want to know. I’m constantly finding myself lost in my thoughts and the feedback I receive (mainly by Borislav) is that I’ve always struggled to know what I want to do next. Although I always enjoy when I have the chance to dig into a role.

My goal is to learn to walk with my demons by my side. And by that I mean I want to learn how to be in peace with my mind and my body, because we all fight our demons but no one even think about the option of becoming a friend with youR mind.

What I truly desire is to be HAPPY, to have my own brand and to continue “acting”. I hope one autumn day you’ll be hiking somewhere in the woods and you notice on the top of that hill a cosy cabin and here I am on the porch sitting in the couch with messy hair cuddling into my favourite woollen blanket, drinking a hot cup of mint tea while listening to the pouring rain, enjoying the beauty of Nature. Can you see it as clear as I do? That’s my ambition!

Borislav – Being a perfectionist has it’s pros and cons, for me it’s a burden.

I can’t really enjoy my life while trying to do or make something perfect which often leads to not doing anything at all.

My ambition, for now, is to learn how I should make decisions and not regret them, also defining my ambition more accurately will be a good start, because right now I find myself being stuck in one place. Maybe doing something different or learning a new set of skills and habits will lead me to a point where I feel happy. Breaking an old habit might also come in handy. For one thing, I’m certain, listening to your mind sometimes breaks your mind, so love what you love and do what you love and makes your heart shiver, listening to your inner self has nothing to do with what you are taught you are supposed to be or do.

How did you discover your own visual style?

We are still working on creating that style that will make people easily say that a certain photo is taken by us, we are constantly evolving and upgrading our sets of skills so the product we deliver is as perfect and touching as possible.

The right mood in our photos is never compromised on, the feeling that someone gets just by taking a slight peek at our work.

We do not try to focus on all of the audience or be accepted by everyone, our outgrowth is for people whose hearts desire for silence and peace,revelation and euphony, for people who love chilly weather and reading books near windows poured down by raining drops, for the adventurous, dreamers, those who seek and their soul never really settles down, for believers and for the wild ones, for those spirits who feel connected to the world and nature as they are bound to it.


Do you plan on doing more projects together?

We are always looking forward to new projects, Ivett is always full of ideas and passionate about what we do, she even motivates me when I’m not in a mood. Most of our best photos are taken, because she is always striving for more and even when we have taken amazing shots she is still trying to come up with something better.

Something very exciting is coming by the end of this year. We’ll be launching our own calendars, there are going to be multiple variations for all those portrait lovers, landscape lovers and for our aesthetic addicts.

Also for the adventurers, we are going to launch handmade travel journals so stay tuned.


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