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Betto Idrizi Doesn’t Like Being Called an Artist

Macedonia has been in all over the news lately. I’ve been there three times and I was surprised to find out that Skopje is an amazing cultural city full of really cool people. So Popara is about to become international because you are about to meet Betto Idrizi, a Graphic Designer making some epic visuals.


How did you decide to study Graphic Design and did you always have that vision of mixing realities?

Ever since I was a child, I was into drawings and loved to create or better put- to design things. However I had a period where I thought I’ll never continue art school, but no matter how much I resisted that it just kept growing in me, so I just went for what I wanted to do, for passion. As for mixing realities, I love quantum physics and I always was fascinated by how everything is subjective and there are multiple realities.

What inspires you?

I get inspired basically by everything, but mostly from nature, light and space.

Why don’t you like being called an Artist?

I dislike depression and loneliness, I don’t know for sure where or how it’s linked into my mind that artists are lonely and depressed (most of them) but that’s why I hated being called an Artist, rather I like the designer term. To create something purposeful or to design a solution to something. But no matter how much I hated the name, I found myself making “Art”, creating things that are just aesthetically pleasing and challenging people’s reality, giving them my perspective on how I imagine or see things.

Macedonia is very sensitive politically, are you a traditional Macedonian and do you think your work transcends that?

I’ve been born and live in Macedonia, but I’m not traditional Macedonian, I’m Albanian.
Regardless of the political stuff that has been going for years in this country, people are starting to coexist and for me, I didn’t have any discriminations from other ethnicities, rather just pure support from all the people. I love everything that I belong to and I love my city, I try to create a different perspective of the city we live in, and that I think sometimes transcends every political issue between people.

What is your ambition? Where do you want life to take you?

I love to create stuff, I love to give value to society, I love to design solutions to every problem or issue I face.

My ambitions are set high, I like to improve the society, to make the world a better place to live in. I don’t want my life to take me anywhere as for I love to take my life everywhere I love to go. Just to give value, share the things we have/know, and provide opportunities to others is the place I thrive to create. Thank you.


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