Behind Morph is Dragostin Kiryakov


I met Dragostin a long time ago at his place when I was invited to a pizza cake party. He has the second-best cat after mine and is super talented. His day job is 3D visualizer, while he turns into Morph during his free time. He makes amazing art, that caught my attention so I asked him to tell me about that. Turns out his alternative ambition is more of an alternative ego, that lives in an animated world and translates it into art. Let’s talk about that:




How did Dragostin become Morph and what is the difference between the two?



Morph was born around 2015, one of my most successful years, due to my then newly set goal of making a sketch every day in the span of a year. I was still studying at the time and was doing an internship. After I graduated with a master’s in architecture I jumped into a new job as a  3D Visualiser, in between all of that I managed to make some time to fulfil the daily sketch challenge. It was exhausting, but in the end, I was super proud of myself and that I was able to conquer this challenge.

During this period I spent most of my life in front of a computer and started to lose my sense of reality. The world became animated to me – a vast galaxy in which we live and everything and everybody creates a piece of it. At that point me and my sketches began to evolve and Morph cаme out.



What made you share Morph with the rest of us?


Very few people knew that I draw, in fact, only my closest friends knew about the challenge and saw the process. They gave me very positive feedback and encouraged me to share my art with the rest of the world, so I slowly started to show the sketchbook to different people who responded in a similar way. After I got a lot of useful constructive criticism I was even more motivated. I was now ready to share online. So I made an Instagram profile, and although I wasn’t very experienced with social media, people’s reaction was amazing –  they contacted me to tell me that I was inspiring them, they asked me about techniques and so on, which pushed me even further to continue to do my thing and share.



What inspires you for your works?



I am inspired by almost everything that I see or experience, that’s why my drawings are so different from each other. Today some animal has drawn my attention, tomorrow may be some object or person etc. Inspiration doesn’t come from my life only either, it can be something I saw in a random media outlet. My everyday life is not very dynamic, so I don’t always have the opportunity to go out and see new people and things, but I when I get the chance to travel and visit new places, my inspiration battery is recharged. I explore as much as possible, I take lots of photos, store them in archives and use them for reference later. Other times I find something inspiring on the web or while watching a movie, which I related to and I bring it in my sketches.




What techniques do you use and why?



I mostly draw by hand and use traditional techniques. Nothing quite out of the ordinary, I have an affinity for inks and watercolours, generally, whatever I am able to and enjoy doing, I have no limits. Until now, I have shared very few of the things I’ve done on a computer, but when I reach a number and quality I am satisfied with, I will be showing them. I am trying to balance the digital and the traditional way of drawing, but for the most part, I am a traditionalist. I like to feel the texture of the paper or the canvas.





How do you see Morph evolving in the future?



At the moment I am going with the flow.  it’s a hobby with the potential to evolve. I do not want to push it hard with market trends, so it’s developing relatively slowly and I draw only in my spare time. I’m still looking for a way to connect it to my day job in a more direct way since I enjoy both of them.

Otherwise what you can expect for now are many collaborations with very good artists and some other interesting projects.



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